Savi Italo Srl
Cereals and legumes, oil cakes and vegetable oils production
For several years, Savi Italo Srl has been operating in the field of trade in organic cereals and the production of oilseeds and oil cakes for zootechnical use. Thanks to its long history spanning several generations of millers, today Savi Italo Srl offers its customers a wide range of quality products and services.
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For several generations of millers, Savi Italo Srl has guaranteed the quality of both organic and conventional products. Today the company is dedicated to the storage, drying and trade of cereals and the production of vegetable oils and oil cakes.

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Savi Italo Srl is specialized in the production of vegetable oils, cereals and their transformation for zootechnical use. The company supplies technical equipment, seeds and fertilizers while remaining in close contact with the farmers.

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Quality control and analysis are carried out through our advanced in-house laboratory, thanks to which it is possible to verify the conformity of the products i in compliance with the requirements of food safety.

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Savi Italo for the Environment

The Mechanical Heat for all the company’s processing plants is obtained through the combustion of vegetable oils in a cogeneration engine, for the combined production of electricity and heat.

In doing so, Savi Italo Srl is minimizing its impact on the environment by reducing emissions of LPG for heat production.

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Pannelli per uso zootecnico
Pannelli per uso zootecnico
Pannelli per uso zootecnico